Poverty coupled with poor living conditions, inclement weather and huge population have made health a major concern for the people of this country. Health programmes require efficient delivery to meet the needs of a large population.

No single institution, including the government, can provide quality healthcare to all. Our vision is that all citizens get quality healthcare. We believe this can best be done by disseminating information, widespread participation and integration of charitable efforts.

WORK TO GIVE - HNH annually does over 14 crores of charity based on Lalitaji's guidelines. She helped create a Co-operative Credit Society, which today is able to give a loan to an employee upto Rs. 2 lacs.

WORK IS A BOND - Lalitaji kept her word and did create a nursing school which gave free education and boarding to the future nightingales. Today, it has blossomed into a college.

ACT LOCAL; THINK GLOBAL - She along with Sri S. P. Hinduja created affiliations with international institutes for bringing the best medical support and state of the art technology to HNH.

ADVANCE FEARLESSLY - No matter what circumstances, Lalitaji has given us all the strength to serve to mankind courageously be it floods,terrorist attacks or calamities.

PARTNERSHIP FOR GROWTH - Lalitaji encouraged partnership with consultants and academic institutions to include a sense of ownership which had resulted in growth and recognition to all the members of HNH parivar.