While the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 and the subsequent directives of the High Court stipulates the obligations of the Hospital towards dispensation of Charity, it has been the long standing directive from Hinduja family, which has over the years culminated in the well defined Policy of the Hospital that no deserving patient who comes for treatment is sent back without giving it, on the ground that he / she is unable to meet its cost.

Besides the High Court directed charity, the Hospital as a Policy, extends the dispensation of Charity to those who do not fall within the perview of the High Court Charity.

As per the Hon'ble High Court, those patient whose family income is less than Rs 25000 per annum to be treated free of cost (called "Indigent Category) and those whose family income is more than Rs 25000 but less than Rs 50000 per annum, to be treated at a concessional cost upto 50% (called "Weaker Category). For the purpose, the Hospital is required to admit Indigent patients to the extent of 10% of the operational beds and also weaker Section patients to the extent of 10% of the operational beds.

Documents to be verified to establish proof of Income of charity patients are :- Ration Card, Below Poverty Line Card, Certficate from Tahsildar and independent verification and evaluation by Patient Relation department.

As mentioned above, in addition to the aforesaid High Court Charity, the Hospital, in order to ensure that its philanthropic objectives are met in letter and spirit, on its own extends the dispensation of charity to the needy and deserving patients who are not eligible under High Court Charity.

The guiding principles based on which the quantum of Charity is assessed are :-

  • Documentary proof of Income like Salary Certificate, Salary Slip, etc
  • The number of earning members in the family
  • Number of dependents, particularly female children who are minor or marriageable age group or school going children
  • Recent marriages of daughter(s) / sister(s) that could have drained the persons resources
  • Telephone and Electricity bills to ascertain the standard of living, use of appliances, etc
  • Likelyhood of help or assistance from Relatives / Friends.
  • In case need be, the matter is also referred to independent agency to verify the facts about the patient.

However, it is again a well defined Policy of the Hospital that there is no discrimination whatsoever in the treatment given to Charity patients and the Paying patients. There is no separate area/ floor/space reserved for Charity patients. It is quite possible that many times the Charity patient and Paying patient is admitted and treated on the beds next to each other.